Oil, Gas & Wind Counseling

The Snavely Law Firm assists clients with many oil and gas related issues. Work we do in this field includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Mineral Deeds

(Deeds conveying mineral rights to third parties or reserving rights to the current owner(s)). One should note that there are intricacies in both New York and Pennsylvania law that could cause your intended mineral reservation or conveyance to be found invalid by a court of law.

Negotiating Leases

Since The Snavely Law Firm practices in both New York and Pennsylvania, we see a wide variety of leases. When you are considering executing a mineral lease, here are a couple points you should keep in mind:

  • You can (and should) negotiate much more than just the initial lease payment and the amount of royalties.
  • You should seek to define terms as clearly as possible so that both parties clearly understand every clause in the lease.

Obtaining a Release of Lease

New York law requires lessees to file a release of lease when a lease, by its terms, has expired; however, because the lessees rarely do this, we assist clients with this.


Sometimes a dispute arises over the terms of a lease or deed and there is no other course of action for a client to take other than litigation.

Wind Rights

We have experience in reviewing proposed wind leases and negotiating those terms for clients.

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