Estate Planning & Probate

Basic Estate Planning

Everyone needs basic estate planning. We recommend clients choose between a traditional will plan or a more comprehensive revocable trust plan. The will plan consists of five documents:

  1. Last will and testament
  2. Power of attorney
  3. Living will
  4. Health care proxy, and
  5. HIPAA form

The revocable trust plan includes everything in the will plan, but uses the trust as a tool for avoiding the drawbacks surrounding probate. The trust is also the tool of choice for efficient death tax planning.

Advanced Estate Planning

Larger estates, or estates with more complex issues (for example, situations involving special needs, charitable giving, multiple marriages, and business entities), require advanced planning. Some tools of the advanced planner include irrevocable trusts, LLCs, corporations, and buy/sell agreements.


Our firm has decades of experience in helping clients through the probate process after the loss of a loved one.

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